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Obamacare funds used to promote amnesty

Nov 3, 2014

Red and blue Obamacare symbol with money on ground

Have Obamacare funds been going towards promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants? It certainly seems that way, and it definitely got the attention of Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas. Last week, Smith sent a letter [1] to House Appropriations Chair Harold Rogers, calling…

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Obamacare’s many broken promises

Oct 29, 2014

Red and blue Obamacare symbol with green dollar signs on calculator

Remember all those times the Left told us we needed the Affordable Care Act so it would reduce health care costs in America? Yeah, we do too. True to form, their predictions didn’t exactly pan out. A new study shows [1] that…

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More security concerns with

Oct 28, 2014

Obamacare under a Hospital sign

As the second enrollment period for Obamacare prepares to open mid-November, some are raising questions about the overall security of the website. [1] At a recent House hearing, security analyst for TrustedSec, David Kennedy noted that the Obamacare website is…

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No, Obamacare is actually not working

Oct 27, 2014

Obamacare symbol and pills

Today, the pages of the New York Times[1] ask a very important question: “Is the Affordable Care Act Working?” Unfortunately, the Times’ assessment is scant on facts and overloaded with desperate, Hail Mary-style claims designed to trumpet the health care…

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Grappling with Obamacare taxes

Oct 22, 2014


Despite administration denials, it’s been well established that the Affordable Care Act is one large tax. Some estimates[1] put the tax-hike count in Obamacare at 18. In fact, there’s barely anyone the law doesn’t tax; it hits doctors, state governments,…

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