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If we all know our government lies to us, uses fear tactics to scare us through the media, and politics is just a joke why are we working 8 hour days to provide for ourselves and our families? It is crucial we exercise our freedom, what is left of It. It is our personal choice to deny our hearts--our feelings-- and allow them to become overwhelmed by physical and sensual distractions as well as the wills/desires of our friends, family, and co-workers. I want American culture to develop and evolve positively. And within a system of lines and letters that defines a society so lost--yet so free-- we should separate ourselves to try and find our identities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spirituality is very real, and although you may not always be able to see or hear it you can feel it--internally and amongst each other. Our souls live eternally, as most world ?acclaimed followings have concluded (as well as most great songwriters and authors). Who and what is greater than God? No one and no thing, as He began all Call Him The Creator, call Him Allah, call Him One, He is not a figment of your imagination.

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