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Fall Training: How to Organize a Meeting

On the evening of Monday, September 15, we hosted our most recent Fall Training series. This training was developed by Conrad Quagliaroli - a Local Coordinator from the Atlanta area. Conrad has become known across the country by other Local Coordinators for his meetings and we wanted to share his 10 tips and 28 steps to organizing a successful meeting to you. In case you missed it, here's an archive of the training. To catch our next training, register here.

College Tea Party Patriot Organizes 9-11 Memorial With YAF

Jonathan Soo Hoo's birthday does not begin like everyone else’s. It never has since he turned 9 years old and woke up to the tragedy of 9-11. Jonathan is a College Tea Party Patriot and the founder and President of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the University of California at Davis. Jonathan was born on September 11. Jonathan points to 9-11 as the "most defining thing" that shaped his political worldview. This year on September 10th, Jonathan laid quietly in his bed unable to sleep as he thought about his plans for his birthday. Jonathan was determined to organize a "9-11: Never Forget" memorial at UC Davis with 2,977 flags, one for ...

Don’t tread on me: Tea partyers making their voices heard in communities across the country

Bill of Rights Week: Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen

Reid Reveals Senate Democrats’ Agenda: Liberal Supreme Court Majority for Decades

Atlanta, GA - Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in response to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's suggestion that Hillary Clinton should re-nominate Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, if she is elected president. "Harry Reid and the rest of the liberals in Congress continue to reveal the agenda all along has been to pack the Supreme Court with a liberal majority for the next several decades.  Polls have repeatedly shown the American people do not want a liberal-dominated Supreme Court.  Garland’s record clearly shows he will be a reliably liberal vote along with Justices Ginsburg, ...

Jenny Beth Martin: ‘Americans are opposed to shifting the [Supreme Court] balance in a more liberal direction’

As a small contingent of Senate liberals continue to spar with Senate conservatives over whether to hold hearings for President Obama’s left-wing Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin in her latest column reminds us Americans don’t want someone like Judge Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court and instead want to see more conservative values reflected on the bench. The Washington Times has her commentary: While the Left has argued that the Senate must act immediately to confirm Merrick Garland, President Obama’s liberal pick for the Supreme Court, conservatives have consistently countered ...

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 4/24/1

  CALENDAR: The House will come back into session on Tuesday, and stay in session through Friday. The Senate will come back into session on Monday, and stay in session through Friday. LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: The House came back into session last Monday and took up 15 bills on the Suspension Calendar. They wanted to be able to move to several bills targeting the IRS – because turnabout is fair play – on Tax Day, but they couldn’t get the timing down quite right, so the anti-IRS bills were spaced out throughout the week. So on Tuesday, the House moved to the first of these anti-IRS bills, H. Res. 673, “Expressing ...

Tea Party Patriots holds press conference in front of the Supreme Court

May 11th National Day of Action

Defend our Supreme Court