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Fall Training: How to Organize a Meeting

On the evening of Monday, September 15, we hosted our most recent Fall Training series. This training was developed by Conrad Quagliaroli - a Local Coordinator from the Atlanta area. Conrad has become known across the country by other Local Coordinators for his meetings and we wanted to share his 10 tips and 28 steps to organizing a successful meeting to you. In case you missed it, here's an archive of the training. To catch our next training, register here.

College Tea Party Patriot Organizes 9-11 Memorial With YAF

Jonathan Soo Hoo's birthday does not begin like everyone else’s. It never has since he turned 9 years old and woke up to the tragedy of 9-11. Jonathan is a College Tea Party Patriot and the founder and President of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the University of California at Davis. Jonathan was born on September 11. Jonathan points to 9-11 as the "most defining thing" that shaped his political worldview. This year on September 10th, Jonathan laid quietly in his bed unable to sleep as he thought about his plans for his birthday. Jonathan was determined to organize a "9-11: Never Forget" memorial at UC Davis with 2,977 flags, one for ...

Congressional Office Visits: Speaker of the House on October 15th

Video: Stop the Iran Deal Rally Highlights

// Last week, thousands of Americans joined together on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol to protest President Obama's nuclear "Deal" with Iran. The event, organized by Tea Party Patriots, featured speakers such as Senator Ted Cruz, Radio Host Mark Levin, Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson, and many others. While the backgrounds of the speakers were varied, their message to Washington was unified: This is a bad deal for America. We are very thankful for the Patriots who braved the late Summer heat to protest this terrible agreement. If you were not able to join us in DC last week, but wish to be involved in the future you can find out more ...

Sept 9th RSVP form 2

Sept 9th Rally RSVP Form

Memo from Jenny Beth Martin Addressing Tea Party Patriots’ Involvement Fighting Amnesty

In light of a recent article that appeared on Breitbart News entitled “Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Encourages Conservatives to Give Rubio Chance to Implement Immigration Agenda,” it is necessary to correct the record about our organization’s deep commitment over the past few years to preventing amnesty and defending the rule of law. The background story behind that Breitbart piece is that I wrote a short op-ed for USA Today in which I defended politicians who change their minds. USA Today requested the article and specifically asked for a defense of the concept of “flip-flopping” by politicians. The paper asked me to reflect on both ...

End the Iran Deal | Nationwide Congressional Office Visits on August 27th

Patriot Ground Game

End the Iran Deal