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Fall Training: How to Organize a Meeting

On the evening of Monday, September 15, we hosted our most recent Fall Training series. This training was developed by Conrad Quagliaroli - a Local Coordinator from the Atlanta area. Conrad has become known across the country by other Local Coordinators for his meetings and we wanted to share his 10 tips and 28 steps to organizing a successful meeting to you. In case you missed it, here's an archive of the training. To catch our next training, register here.

College Tea Party Patriot Organizes 9-11 Memorial With YAF

Jonathan Soo Hoo's birthday does not begin like everyone else’s. It never has since he turned 9 years old and woke up to the tragedy of 9-11. Jonathan is a College Tea Party Patriot and the founder and President of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at the University of California at Davis. Jonathan was born on September 11. Jonathan points to 9-11 as the "most defining thing" that shaped his political worldview. This year on September 10th, Jonathan laid quietly in his bed unable to sleep as he thought about his plans for his birthday. Jonathan was determined to organize a "9-11: Never Forget" memorial at UC Davis with 2,977 flags, one for ...

Daily Action Outline for the Week of March 27th – March 31st

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Daily Action Outline for the Week of March 20th – March 24th

Repeal Obamacare NOW!

Important Note Host a house party, congressional office visit, tax day tea party or other event! Sign up to defend the Supreme Court! RSVP for the Day of Action in Washington, D.C. The seeds of our movement began in opposition to the bank bailouts; we blossomed as we fought the trillion-dollar stimulus bill that lined Obama’s crony’s pockets, and our cause ignited as we stood against Obamacare and the nationalization of our healthcare system. Right now, the left is very organized against any repeal of Obamacare, and they are making their views known. They also have a sympathetic media that will amplify their message, and ...

Daily Action Outline for the Week of March 6th – March 10th

Get Ready to Show Up!

Important Note Host a house party, congressional office visit, tax day tea party or other event! Sign up to defend the Supreme Court! Tomorrow is Tea Party Patriots’ eight year anniversary. Thank you for everything you have done to advance our principles over the years and move our agenda forward! As we celebrate this huge milestone and we look back at our successes over the years, we are also looking ahead to future successes on an even bigger scale. Congratulations on your actions last week, and thank you for getting ready for this week! Today we are asking you to set your schedule so that you are ready to show up! I know that we ...

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Show up on social media & support President Trump!

Important Notes Special Facebook Live event today at 4pm EST to discuss the repeal of ObamaCare with Michael Cannon, Dean Clancy, Bill Pascoe, and Jenny Beth Martin. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you’ll get the notification when the broadcast begins. More information on how to join us is listed below. Sign up to host a house party on February 27th! Add your event to our events map (rally, sign waving, local group meeting)! Let us know of a Congressman or Senator’s town hall or mobile office hours! You know what I’ll never forget? I will never forget that first phone call in 2009, with a few dozen ...