Tea Party Patriots Lunchbreak LIVE – 08/03/20 – So much to cover. We organized the America’s Frontline Doctor Summit last week and made hydroxychloroquine trend. Learn what went on in the background and what we learned from the doctors.
Frontline doctors are diagnosing and helping people like you and your loved ones beat COVID-19. We have several promising treatment options that are helping reduce the severity of this illness, shorten hospitalizations, and save lives. While we continue to take the virus seriously, there is reason to have hope about our future and to get back to living, while protecting people who are vulnerable to severe COVID-19.
PLUS: House and Senate begin the fiscal year 2021 appropriations process and pass the annual defense authorization bill, but the bill contains a kicker that’s veto bait … the Supreme Court rules that President Trump cannot be blocked from spending reallocated Pentagon funds on a border wall … Christopher Steele’s “primary sub-source” is revealed, and he’s not who you think … President Trump orders the Census Bureau not to count illegal immigrants when it comes time to calculate reapportionment … and the latest on the latest round of coronavirus relief legislation negotiations … all this and more, plus your questions. Tune in now.11