Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Reacts to Trump Victory in Debate


Atlanta, GA – Tonight, former President Trump won the first presidential debate against President Biden. In response, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund President Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“Tonight, President Trump delivered a strong and positive contrast to President Biden on the issues that matter most to grassroots conservatives and all Americans – inflation, the border crisis, crime, and corruption. Biden’s left-wing policies have caused tremendous economic suffering, made Americans less safe, and hurt America’s position in the world. Biden’s attacks on Trump fell flat, with Trump successfully contrasting the success of his four years in office with Biden’s miserable four years. Trump won the debate, plain and simple. 

“Over the next four months, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund will continue mobilizing activists to get out the vote in support of a second term for President Trump because we know the historic stakes in this election. Every day matters, and we will do everything we can between now and Election Day to ensure the integrity of this election and educate and motivate conservatives for victory.”