Constitution Training

One of the values of Tea Party Patriots Foundation, and a common theme among the Tea Party movement, is a Constitutionally Limited Government. Patriots across the country recognize that our nation is highly favored in having a system of government wisely calculated to secure the life, liberty, and happiness of all its citizens. Sadly we have abandoned many of the constitutionally limited mechanisms that have helped secure these rights, resulting in a nation in peril.

“The people are [the Constitution’s] only keepers” – George Washington

Our Constitution will not be restored by politicians; they have little interest to do so. It will only be restored and protected by the people. Tea Party Patriots have a number of programs designed to educate the people about the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

“The only true corrective of Constitutional abuses is education.” –Thomas Jefferson

The Making of America series will take you down the freedom trail of human history to discover the Founders freedom formula that formed a nation of peace, prosperity, and freedom like no nation before it. Watch the series below to gain a better understanding about the core values of this movement and how you can be prepared to advance this American Dream that we all cherish.

This easy to organize presentation can also be purchased in study guide format by the National Center for Constitutional Studies and will bring to life our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Want to bring this amazing series to your location? Schedule online or call 800-388-4512 to bring this inspiring seminar to your area.