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Stand for the Second was a student led, student driven movement organizing walkouts at high schools across America on May 2, 2018, to stand for the Second Amendment.

There is a lot of talk recently about the need to create new laws that would restrict access to firearms in order to make our schools safer. But not a lot of attention has been given to those of us who want to protect our natural rights that are enshrined in the constitution. That’s what Stand for the Second was all about.

Stand for the Second was founded by Will Riley, a high school senior from Carlsbad, NM, and they called on students to stage a walkout at their school for 16 minutes on May 2, 2018, in support of the Second Amendment.

We encourage you to continue to not only stand up for the Second Amendment, but to stand up for all of our rights. If you don’t stand, then who will?

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We created a “how-to” guide that gave pointers for when attending an event, things to know or be aware of in terms of rights as a student, and much more.