The Senate Judiciary Committee on May 21st voted in favor of Senator Schumer’s amnesty bill.  The bill, S. 744, provides amnesty to illegal immigrants, including those who have committed serious crimes, and, strangely enough, even to those illegal immigrants who were previously deported.  The bill is, quite simply, a massive amnesty bill that will radically transform American society.

During the discussions about S. 744, Senators on both sides of the aisle promised that this bill would achieve border security.  But the reality, as Senator Sessions has noted, is that this bill provides amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants before any border security measures are in place.   This is utter nonsense!  Polling indicates that Americans overwhelmingly support securing the border first, but Congress is once again ignoring the will of the American people.

This amnesty bill erodes government accountability.  Instead of writing specific immigration laws, the Gang of Eight in the Senate has simply written 900 pages of “suggestions” for the Secretary of Homeland Security to implement.  But the Secretary of Homeland Security is part of the federal bureaucracy.  She is not elected by the people, and she can never be held accountable for her actions.  If she fails to secure the border, there will not be any consequences or any way for voters to hold her accountable.   We need to remind our Senator, (insert full name of your U.S. Senator) that the government works for us, and we demand real border security.

Join your fellow (insert name for local residents, like “Floridians”) this Thursday, May 30th at 5:30 pm at (insert location) – for a Citizen Intervention for Common Sense.

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