Republican Members of Congress are starting to seem squishy on actually repealing Obamacare. Left-wing activists are organizing and showing up to town hall meetings in numbers to try to intimate these Members of Congress into caving on full repeal of Obamacare. We have fought too long and too hard to repeal this law and we cannot give up now.

Show up to a town hall or mobile office event?

  • CONFIRM Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court (for Senators only)
  • REPEAL Obamacare
  • SECURE our Borders
  • BALANCE the budget within five years

This brief guide provides ideas for how to plan and organize and effective town hall meeting in your local area.  Organizing your own town hall meeting is especially important if your Member of Congress is not planning to hold any meetings during the recess.


  1. Call your Senators and Congressman and ask when they will be holding town hall meetings in your location.
  2. If they have no town halls planned, ask if they have any office hours where you can come by and speak to the Member of Congress or with a staff member.
  3. Prepare a letter outlining why it is important to YOU that Obamacare is repealed, why we want the border secured, and why we must have a balanced budget.
  4. Reach out to friends and family and ask anyone who might be interested to attend with you.
  5. Plan out a few questions or a brief statement for the Member of Congress and practice before you get there. Be clear and concise.
  6. Imagine how your Member of Congress might respond and come up with potential responses to that. Be clear and concise.
  7. Plan to get to the town hall event on time.


  1. Find a seat close to the front or near a microphone so that you’ll be able to ask a question.
  2. If you get a chance to make a statement or ask a question, be sure to be clear and concise.
  3. Be sure to tell the Member of Congress that you want Obamacare repealed, you want the border secured, and you want a balanced budget in five years or less.
  4. There may be left-wing activists there. Don’t let them intimidate you. You have every right to be there.
  5. Use your cell phone to take video and pictures – especially if left-wing activists are trying to be intimidating.
  6. Be polite, but firm in your exchange with the Member of Congress or a staff person. There are no more excuses for repealing Obamacare, securing the border, or balancing the budget.


  1. Write us an email at to let us know how the town hall went, if there are anything we should know, or things you’d like us to share with our supporters across the country.
  2. Text videos or pictures to 388873. If texting doesn’t work, please email them to


  • If your Congressman or Senators do not hold any town halls, call their office to ask why they aren’t holding any town halls and encourage them to do so.
  • If your Congressman or Senators still aren’t planning to do town halls, write a letter letting them know we want Obamacare repealed, we want the border secured, and we want a balanced budget in 5 years or less and drop it off at a local office building.

Download the Town Hall Meeting Download the Town Hall Meeting Guide