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Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Boehner’s latest cave

“Sadly, we’ve seen yet another reason why conservatives do not and should not trust Establishment Republicans. Rewarded by the American people with historic majorities for opposing executive amnesty, their capitulation began almost immediately. “First, Speaker Boehner whipped votes with the President in December’s lame duck session, so eager was he to fund nearly the entire government through September. ‘Don’t worry,’ we were told. The House would not fund the Obama executive amnesty. “And how many days ago did the Speaker reiterate his hard line and flex his new-found muscle on Fox News Sunday? Now, yet again, he again uses ...

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Lois Lerner’s bonuses

Nothing the IRS does surprises me. The news that Lois Lerner collected $129,000 in bonuses during the three years she was wrecking people’s lives, however, is particularly galling.  Millions of hardworking Americans are hurting and struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, it’s buckets of cash for the woman who persecuted her president’s perceived enemies. This administration penalizes achievement and success, and rewards those who further its big-government agenda. Sad. 

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Keystone veto

It’s beyond disappointing that President Obama has vetoed Keystone XL. Instead of saying “yes” to thousands of high-paying American jobs and energy independence, he has bowed to the forces of environmental extremism and the far Left of his own party. And a week after our embassy was abandoned in Yemen, he has chosen to keep Americans dependent on foreign oil for the foreseeable future.

Ernest Istook on free speech, and the government’s attempt to regulate the internet

Former Congressman and current Tea Party Patriots board member Ernest Istook published a new op-ed in the Washington Times this week about the Obama Administration’s attempt to regulate the internet, and by extension, free speech. Writes Istook: Government never admits that it wants to control you. Instead, it claims it wants to protect you. But if the bureaucrats control what you say, they control what you know. And if they control what you know, they control what you do. So you get sucked into The Blob. One example is the Federal Election Commission. It’s proposed that we allow the FEC to regulate political speech on the Internet. ...

5 Times the Obama Administration found itself on the wrong side of the law

The Obama Administration does not have a stellar track record when it comes to getting affirmation for its radical agenda in the U.S. court system. Unfortunately, when the President of the United States isn’t blatantly ignoring the law, he’s looking for ways to at least sidestep or tweak it. Thankfully, he’s been pretty unsuccessful once challenged in court. 1. National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning. When the president tried to do some improper recess appointments. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. 2. Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. When the president tried to tell private companies they had to violate their religious ...

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on District Court Immigration Ruling

We commend Judge Hanen for his ruling, which restores the rule of law to America’s immigration system, and we thank the 26 attorneys general for bringing the case. The ruling also points out the lawless, overreaching nature of President Obama’s actions. We’re hopeful this will be a wakeup call to Senate Democrats, and that they will allow a vote on funding for critical DHS funding as soon as they return from the recess.

7 things we’ll always love about America

1. The Founding Fathers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them! 2. The Constitution It’s too easy to take for granted that we have a written roadmap for ensuring government doesn’t trample our freedoms. 3. Freedom We take it seriously; most other countries don’t! 4. Opportunity It’s still true that everyone America has the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. May that never change. 5. Free elections No matter how bad we may think things are, there’s comfort in knowing we have free elections that take place every couple of years, like clockwork. 6. Its natural beauty “O beautiful for spacious ...

Statement of Jenny Beth Martin on Keystone passage

We commend the House of Representatives for its passage of S. 1, the Keystone XL pipeline bill. This legislation would put Americans to work with high paying, private sector jobs.   Most important, as we note that our embassy in Yemen has been abandoned, it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East. We urge President Obama to put the needs of Americans first, and sign this legislation for the security of the Republic. And we’d remind him that it enjoys the support of Democrats and Republicans.  

Tea Party Patriots Board Member Ernest Istook Testifies About FEC Attempts to Regulate Speech

TPP Board Member Ernest Istook testified before the Federal Elections Commission about the dangers of expanding regulation of speech in our country. Here is the transcript of his testimony:   Thank you for this hearing. I am Ernest Istook, former 14-year US Congressman from Oklahoma. I am here for myself and on behalf of Tea Party Patriots, a 501c4 organization on whose board of directors I serve. Tea Party Patriots is a nationwide grassroots organization with which hundreds of local groups have chosen to affiliate. Its funding comes from hundreds of thousands of small donors and very little from large contributors. I and we oppose ...

Our message to Hill Republicans: Double down on DHS!

Last week, the Senate voted to begin debate on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security before its funding runs out at the end of this month. And three times, Senate Democrats filibustered the bill because they object to language that would strip funding from President Obama’s executive amnesty [1]. Where are the Democrats’ priorities? Obviously, they’re not with funding the Department of Homeland Security. Our Republican leaders, to their credit, have stood firm on this bill. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is bringing up the version that passed the House. We want him to keep standing his ground, and send a very loud and ...