Articles related to: Abuse of Power

Obama and a funeral

Aug 18, 2014

Obama looking silly on golf course

Last Thursday, the family of Major General Harold Greene laid him to rest[1] in Arlington National Cemetery. Greene, 52, was killed in Kabul[2] on August 5 when an Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of military officials. Greene, who…

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Obama, press honeymoon is over

Aug 14, 2014

Obama with blue background

President Obama is losing his edge with the press.  The one-time media darling is now taking some heat over his administration’s lack of transparency and for freezing out and cracking down on reporters. A coalition of free press and First…

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This time, it’s IRS vs. Churches

Aug 11, 2014

Church in background and IRS symbol in foreground

It seems the Internal Revenue Service has found a new target: Christian churches. Apparently going after freedom of speech isn’t enough; the IRS has to go after freedom of religion, too. We only wish we were kidding. The federal agency…

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Obama isn’t Only One with “Choices”

Aug 8, 2014

Barack Obama

Despite plummeting poll numbers and growing disapproval of the White House’s border crisis management, the President is not backing down. President Obama stated he remains committed to push through amnesty without Congressional approval, because in his words, he was elected…

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