The Tea Party Patriots stands for every American, and is home to millions who have come together to pursue the American Dream and to keep that Dream alive for their children and grandchildren. We envision a nation where personal freedom is cherished and where all Americans are treated equally, assuring your ability to pursue your American Dream.


We are most free when the Constitution is followed, and all Americans can live life the way they want, as long as it does not harm others or infringe on their rights.



A growing economy, with reduced tax rates and government spending, gives businesses the ability to hire more people and us all a chance to earn more.



Increasing the US debt puts an undue burden on future generations. It is only fair and right to pay the debt we have incurred so our children are not stuck with our bills.


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  • Justice Thomas: Supreme Court refusal to tackle concealed-carry case ‘reflects a distressing trend’

    Justice Clarence Thomas continues to pursue securing the Second Amendment right and says the decision to reject another call to decide whether Americans have a constitutional right to carry guns “reflects a distressing trend: the treatment of the Second Amendment as a disfavored right.” The Washington Times has the details: The justices on Monday left […]
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  • Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 6/25/17

    CALENDAR: The House will return on Monday, with the first votes scheduled for 6:30 PM. The House will stay in session through Friday, with the last vote scheduled to be no later than 3 PM. The Senate will return on Monday, with the first vote set for 5:30. The Senate is also scheduled to stay […]
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  • 1.4 million legal identities stolen by immigrants

    According to a new IRS report, about 1.4 million illegals are working under stolen social security numbers. Unfortunately, the IRS managed to identify only half of the 1.4 million people affected in 2015. The Washington Times has the full story: The IRS knows of 2.4 million people a year who file taxes using an Individual […]
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  • Conservatives respond to …

    … Governor Christie’s $200 million pork barrel spending budget giveaway “Governor Chris Christie has sold his political soul. After a failed extortion attempt to get Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to fork over $300 million from their reserves to pay for his political pet projects, he has now capitulated to the pork barrel […]
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  • Poll: Basic freedoms important to most gun owners

    A new poll released by the Pew Research Center shows that gun owners – more so than those who don’t own guns – believe constitutional rights are essential to preserve freedom. The Washington Free Beacon has the full story: The Pew Research Center’s report on guns in America found that 94 percent of gun owners […]
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  • Senate Republicans release healthcare bill that would supposedly “trim the fat”

    Early reports of the Senate healthcare bill released on Thursday say the bill would make changes to Medicaid, to tax credits for individuals purchasing plans, and would remove most of the taxes imposed by Obamacare. Similar to the House bill, the Senate bill aims to make some key changes to Obamacare including the removal of […]
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