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Tea Party Patriots partners with ACLU to run ads opposing the Patriot Act

Washington Post: Walker Says no Need to Moderate Views to Win Voters (Washington Post – Robert Costa)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that it is unnecessary for Republicans to moderate their views in order to win over wary voters and suggested that he would run as a conservative should he seek the GOP presidential nomination... Continue here.

Obama faces left-right Opposition on Military Force (Associated Press – Charles Babington)

WASHINGTON – Reps. Barbara Lee and John Fleming are highly dubious at best about President Barack Obama’s requests for enhanced powers to make trade deals and to deploy the U.S. military. And that’s like oil and water mixing easily... Continue here.

Obama Administration Plans Appeal (The Connecticut Post – Kevin Diaz)

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's executive order on immigration is down, but not out, as the administration vowed Tuesday to appeal the decision of a federal judge in Texas questioning the White House's legal authority... Continue here.

‘We’re Patriots’: Blount Activists Went to Nashville to Oppose Haslam’s Health Plan (The Daily Times – Mike Gibson)

Blount Countians Marilyn Willocks, Mary Cook and Keith Miller say they did wear red shirts Feb. 4 when they traveled to Nashville to oppose Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposed health care expansion plan Insure Tennessee... Continue here.

Jenny Beth Martin: Obama’s game of high-stakes postelection policy poker

President Obama has been largely mum on details for his agenda after the 2014 Midterm Election. But that doesn’t mean Americans don’t know what to expect. In a new op-ed for The Washington Times, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin writes that even though President Obama keeps hidden details about his priorities, from Eric Holder’s replacement as Attorney General to immigration reform, the president’s past leaves little to the imagination. “When it comes to his plans for the next two years, though,” writes Martin, “Mr. Obama has provided the American people with plenty of ‘tells,’ which betray the strength or weaknes...

Has the State Department learned nothing post-Benghazi?

Todd Keil, one of the experts who testified at the first Benghazi hearing [1] on Wednesday told the committee that the State Department has failed to follow through on proposals that would improve diplomatic security. “Clear the smoke. Remove the mirrors,” said Keil. He later added, “Words and cursory actions by the Department of State ring hollow absent transparency and verifiable and sustainable actions to fully put into practice the letter and the intent of our recommendations.” Wednesday’s hearing by the Benghazi Special committee, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, focused on the State Department’s implementation of the Accountability ...

Moving the Goalposts

President Obama raised the specter of executive amnesty for illegal immigrants earlier this year, asking his administration for actions he could take before the end of summer. But people started paying attention to the issue and they weren't happy so by August, the talking point was shifted to “after Labor Day.” Not long after that, polling data showed a lot of Americans were blowing a gasket over Obama’s amnesty threat, so the story line shifted to “after the November elections.” More howls of protest ensued - from conservatives who don’t want any amnesty to liberals who wanted amnesty yesterday. This week, House Democratic Leader ...

74% Oppose Executive Amnesty, White House Threatens Anyway

The Obama Administration faced another warning sign yesterday in its relentless push for amnesty. A new poll reveals most Americans, including key voters like independents and Hispanics, oppose the President’s plan to fundamentally transform immigration laws with the stroke of his pen. According to a new survey released by The Polling Company, an overwhelming 74% of the 1,001 likely voters said they reject the idea of Obama sidestepping Congress and acting alone. This includes “81% of independents and 75% of moderates.”[1] Surprisingly, Democrats do not favor it either with 56% disapproving of such action. The only group showing support for ...

Establishment Concedes Tea Party Position as a Winner

Immigration and Obamacare are Keys to 2014 Elections ATLANTA, GA - Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder, Jenny Beth Martin, today issued the following statement in response to the House GOP Leadership’s remarks on Obamacare and immigration reform. Tea Party Patriots and millions of other conservatives have been right all along on immigration reform and Obamacare, and the fact that the Republican leadership is walking back its ill-conceived positions on those critical issues is proof. We appreciate Speaker Boehner's apology for mocking conservatives who insist that we secure our borders and not grant amnesty to those who have broken our laws and come ...