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Journalist, lawmakers complain that Obama administration disregards U.S. open records law (The Oklahoman – Chris Casteel)

WASHINGTON — After two days of hearings about the American public’s primary tool for obtaining government documents, a key House member said Wednesday that he may propose tighter deadlines and fewer exceptions in the law... Continue here.

Grassroots efforts are making a difference on the Congressional Exemption

Sign Our Petition To Stop Congressional Exemptions From Obamacare! Last night on Fox News, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker promised to end Congress’ special exemption from Obamacare. Walker said ending the exemption for Congress will “light a fire” under lawmakers and give them reason to fully repeal President Obama’s failed government takeover of Americans’ health care. Governor Walker was interviewed by Fox News anchor Shannon Bream on the topic: BREAM: Alright, you have talked about baseline repealing Obamacare, that is agenda item number one. It’s been attempted many times on Capitol Hill, but you say as President Walker you ...

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Tea Party Patriots Signs On To Congressional Ethics Complaint

Tea Party Patriots has stood in opposition to Obamacare since it was a bill being debated on the House floor. In recent months, we have focused our efforts into getting rid of the Congressional Exemption. The Congressional Exemption: where Congress, with it's more than 12,000 employees, classifies itself as a small business in order to receive a subsidy not available to everyday Americans. Jenny Beth Martin, in her capacity as co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, signed her name this week to an official House of Representatives ethics complaint filed by Citizens Against Government Waste. We joined the organizations FreedomWorks, ForAmerica, ...

Iran deal rally after action report

End the Iran Deal | Nationwide Congressional Office Visits on August 27th

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 08/09/15

CALENDAR:  The House and Senate are both on their August district work period, and will stand in recess until Tuesday, September 8. LAST WEEK ON THE SENATE FLOOR: The Senate came back into session at 2 PM Monday. They began by considering the Motion To Proceed to S. 1881, prohibiting Federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The motion failed, by a vote of 53-46. Sen. McConnell flipped his vote at the end to the “Nay” side so he can bring up the bill again at a later date if he so desires. Then the Senate moved to take up S. 754, the Cybersecurity bill. This bill was reported out by the Intelligence Committee by a vote of 14-1, so it ...

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Questionable Obamacare claims could leave taxpayers in the lurch to tune of $2 billion

On Monday, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) urged the inspector general to investigate the more than 700,0000 that claimed tax credits for purchasing health insurance but who never filed taxes -- a predicament that leads some lawmakers to believe the government shelled out more than $2 billion on fraudulent tax credits. Reports The Washington Times: IRS Commissioner John Koskinen alerted Congress to the 710,000 potential cheats in a memo Friday, in which he outlined his agency’s early experience with Obamacare’s first full year of operation in 2014. All taxpayers were required to file their returns or to request an ...