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Gov. Scott Walker’s Tea Party Patriots Tele Townhall – March 16, 2015

(Photo Credit: Megan McCormick, Wikipedia) On Tuesday, Tea Party Patriots was honored to have Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker join thousands of patriots on a tele townhall. He spoke out firmly against big government, Obamacare, amnesty and ethanol subsidies. Walker understands that “Washington, D.C. is 68 miles surrounded by reality” and fighter for liberty. Gov. Walker has for years been a leading conservative voice outside the D.C. bubble. His track record is one of remarkable dedication to smaller government and individual freedom. He matches his principled rhetoric with impressive victories on behalf of hard-working Wisconsin taxpayers ...

Scott Walker: I Will Run as a Conservative (Newsmax – Joel Himelfarb)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that Republicans do not need to moderate their views to win voter support and that he will run as a conservative if he decides to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination... Continue here.

Scott Walker Joins Tea Party Patriots for a ‘Tele-Town Hall’ Tonight (National Review – Jim Geraghty)

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker join will be joining Tea Party Patriots “for a national tele-town hall meeting tonight.”... Continue here.

Chat with Gov. Scott Walker Monday night!

Tea Party Patriots is proud to announce we’ll be hosting a LIVE tele-townhall with Wisconsin Governor Scot Walker! Governor Walker has for years been a leading conservative voice outside the D.C. bubble. His track record is one of remarkable dedication to smaller government and individual freedom. We’re honored to call him a fellow patriot! To sign up for the townhall, click here. Full details below.   WHO: Tea Party Patriots and Governor Scott Walker WHAT: A Tele-townhall WHEN: Monday, March 15, from 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET WHERE: Your phone! WHY: So you can hear, straight from Governor Walker, what he thinks about the ...

TPP to host Tele-Town Hall with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Atlanta – As the 2016 presidential field begins to take shape, Tea Party Patriots (TPP) will hear from a likely candidate whose star is on the rise when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker joins them for a national Tele-Town hall meeting Monday. “Over the last four years, all Scott Walker does is win,” TPP President Jenny Beth Martin said. “Any Republican who can win three elections in four years – in a blue state – will be a force in 2016, and we look forward to hearing his conservative vision for a post-Obama America.” The call will run from 8-9 p.m. EDT Monday, March 16. Anyone may take part by clicking here. “Business and entertai...

H.R. 1202 One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2013 (Scott, GA) and S. 1436 One Percent Spending Reduction Act of 2013 (Enzi, WY)

Description: This bill seeks to prevent a fiscal crisis by balancing the federal budget by cutting one penny out of every dollar the federal government spends. The bill balances the Federal budget by reducing federal spending by one percent per year for six years. Further, in the seventh year, federal spending would then be capped at 18 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), to bring future spending in line with future revenues.   Next Congressional Actions: In the House, it was referred to the Committee on the Budget and the Committee on Rules. No roll call vote scheduled at this time. Read twice in the Senate and referred to ...

Coburn and Scott Punt on Debt Ceiling

On October 16, the House and Senate voted to fully open the federal government, funding Obamacare and abdicating their duties to responsibly manage the debt ceiling. Only 144 House Republicans opposed this embarrassingly one-sided “deal,” joined by 18 Senate Republicans. Of those 18 Republicans, two normally stalwart conservatives voted for cloture – which ended debate on the deal and guaranteed passage. They were Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Tim Scott (R-SC). Scott spokesperson Greg Blair told Tea Party Patriots “Tim Scott voted against the deal to raise the debt ceiling.” No explanation was provided on Scott’s conflicting vote. ...

Florida Governor Rick Scott expands Medicaid

On Wednesday, Florida governor Rick Scott became the seventh Republican governor to back Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. From Bloomberg: Florida Governor Rick Scott supports expanding Medicaid in his state under President Barack Obama’s health-care law, at least while the federal government pays for it, a reversal of the Republican’s previous position. Scott said yesterday in Tallahassee that he’ll ask state lawmakers to back the expansion. After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law in June, Scott said he wouldn’t expand Medicaid, the health-care program for the poor, in Florida. Once Obama won re-election in November, ...

Tea Party Patriots Statement on Appointment of Tim Scott to Senate

Today, following news that Gov. Nikki Haley has named Rep. Tim Scott to succeed Sen. Jim DeMint in the United State Senate representing South Carolina, Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots released the following statement: “This is a positive step for the Tea Party Patriots and our principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. Tim Scott has taken our core values seriously in the House and we have every reason to expect similar, principled behavior in the Senate.”

Will House Conservatives Make their Mark on History?