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Administration prepares for Court Showdown Over Obamacare Subsidies (Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr.)

The Obama administration has prepared for Wednesday’s Supreme Court showdown by spending an extraordinary amount of time not just arguing the law, but the possible bad outcomes if the justices strike down Obamacare’s subsidies in most states... Continue here.


“David Vitter gets it.  His amendment to prohibit elected officials, political appointees and their staffers from receiving taxpayer subsidies and special treatment shows that he understands the fundamental inequity of one set of rules for the political elite and a different set of rules for everyone else. If the American people can’t get an exemption from the disaster of ObamaCare, neither should Congress and the Obama Administration. By adding this amendment to Harry Reid’s measure stripping free speech from the First Amendment, Senator Vitter offers a striking contrast in how the two parties in Congress see the people they represent. ...

Iran deal rally after action report

Stop the Iran Deal | Capitol Rally

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 08/02/15

CALENDAR: The House will stand in recess until Tuesday, September 8. The Senate will come back into session at 2 PM Monday, with the first vote scheduled for 5:30 PM. The Senate plans to stay in session until Friday, at which time the Senate will join the House in the August recess, not to return until Tuesday, September 8.   LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR:  The House returned Monday, and took up 17 bills on the Suspension Calendar. Five of them required roll call votes, but passed easily; the other 12 all passed by voice vote. On Tuesday, the House took up and passed H.R. 427, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of ...

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Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 07/25/2015

  CALENDAR:  The House will come back into session on Monday, with the first votes scheduled for 6:30 PM. The House will stay in session until Thursday, with the last votes expected no later than 3 PM. The Senate came back into session today at 3 PM to take up consideration of the highway bill. They met for about three hours, then broke until tomorrow afternoon. They’ll stay in session through Friday.   LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR:  The House began its week Tuesday, with three bills on the Suspension Calendar. Two passed with heavy majorities in roll call votes, and one passed by voice vote. On Wednesday, the ...

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Tea Party Patriots Weekly Legislative Update for 06/14/15

  CALENDAR:   The House will come back on Monday, with no votes scheduled before 6:30 PM. The current schedule says they will stay in until Thursday, when the last vote will take place no later than 3 PM.   The Senate will come back Monday at 5:30 PM, at which time they’ll vote on two non-controversial nominees. They’ll stay in until Friday.   LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR:   The House began its voting week on Tuesday with a series of non-controversial bills brought up under Suspension of the Rules. The first four passed by voice vote, including H.R. 235, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom ...

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