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Administration prepares for Court Showdown Over Obamacare Subsidies (Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr.)

The Obama administration has prepared for Wednesday’s Supreme Court showdown by spending an extraordinary amount of time not just arguing the law, but the possible bad outcomes if the justices strike down Obamacare’s subsidies in most states... Continue here.


“David Vitter gets it.  His amendment to prohibit elected officials, political appointees and their staffers from receiving taxpayer subsidies and special treatment shows that he understands the fundamental inequity of one set of rules for the political elite and a different set of rules for everyone else. If the American people can’t get an exemption from the disaster of ObamaCare, neither should Congress and the Obama Administration. By adding this amendment to Harry Reid’s measure stripping free speech from the First Amendment, Senator Vitter offers a striking contrast in how the two parties in Congress see the people they represent. ...

Tea Party Patriots Weekly Report from Washington for 7/10/16

CALENDAR: The House will return on Monday, July 11, with the first vote scheduled for 6:30 PM. The House will stay in session until Friday, with no votes later than 3:30 PM. And then begins the Summer Recess, which will last for seven glorious weeks, until Tuesday, September 6. The Senate will return on Monday, July 11, with the first vote scheduled for 5:30 PM. The Senate will stay in session until Friday, at which point begins the Senate’s Summer Recess, which will also last for seven glorious weeks, until Tuesday, September 6. LAST WEEK ON THE HOUSE FLOOR: The House was in recess for the Fourth of July break from Friday, June 24 ...

Taxes, Spending, and Tax Credits Out of Control under Kurt Schaefer

Bill of Rights Week: Defend the Bill of rights

Bill of Rights Week: Call and Tweet the House Judiciary Committee to tell them to impeach John Koskinen

Bill of Rights Week: Second Amendment

Supreme Court divided over challenge to President Obama’s executive-amnesty order

  The Supreme Court this week is divided over a challenge to President Obama executive-amnesty order that would grant work permits to 5 million illegal immigrants. The New York Times has the story: A 4-4 deadlock seemed a real possibility, one that would leave in place an appeals court ruling that blocks the plan and deny Mr. Obama the chance to revive it while he remains in office. A tie vote would set no Supreme Court precedent and therefore would allow a renewed challenge to the plan once the court is back at full strength. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s questions were deeply skeptical of the administration’s position. They ...

(VIDEO) Tea Party Patriots CEO Jenny Beth Martin’s Remarks from CPAC

Hello, CPAC! You know, the President of the United States last addressed this gathering eight years ago. Do the math – it was a different president then. As he sat in the Oval Office, preparing for that speech, he came across a phrase in the draft that confused him. So he asked, “What is this movement you keep talking about in the speech?” The speechwriter, stunned, responded. “Well, the CONSERVATIVE movement,” he answered. “You know, the one that started back in the sixties, when conservative groups first took root.” That apparently didn’t sit well with the President. “Let me tell you something,” he said. ...

Veterans’ crisis calls to New York VA went to voicemail

Veterans and family members of veterans who called the Veterans Crisis Line in Canandaigua, New York never reached an expert on the other end of the line and instead had their calls routed to voicemail, according to a Veterans Affairs report released Feb. 11. The Brighton-Pittsford Post has the details: The report, issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, follows an investigation into "caller response and quality assurance concerns" lodged against the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL), in Canandaigua. According to a report signed by Assistant Inspector General for Healthcare Inspections John Daigh, Jr., complainants ...