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Grappling with Obamacare taxes

Healthcare Healthcare

Despite administration denials, it’s been well established that the Affordable Care Act is one large tax. Some estimates[1] put the tax-hike count in Obamacare at 18. In fact, there’s barely anyone the law doesn’t tax; it hits doctors, state governments,…

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Taking on tax reform

Tax Reform Tax Reform

Regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections, Republicans in Congress will face a stark choice when it comes to their future legislative agenda. Will they continue to cave to President Obama’s liberal agenda or will they fight to preserve…

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New facts on illegal immigrants in America

Immigration Immigration

A leaked Department of Homeland Security report reveals some startling facts [1] about illegal immigrants in the U.S., showing just how harmful lax immigration law enforcement is to the country. According to the report, nearly 900,000 illegals with deportation orders are…

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