Schiff Shifts The Goalposts (Again)

The President is not obstructing justice, but Adam Schiff is…

Democrats know they do not have a strong argument for impeachment, yet they continue to throw paint at a wall in the hopes of becoming the next Jackson Pollock. The latest charge against President Trump is that he obstructed justice because he did not provide the documents Congress requested.

Greg Jarret destroyed the argument for obstruction when he wrote for Fox News:

“Another article of impeachment may be obstruction of justice and/or contempt of Congress for not providing documents and failing to produce witnesses to the Intelligence Committee. This is just plain silly.
Invoking executive or other communications privileges is neither obstruction nor impeachable contempt. The president is permitted to exercise legally recognized privileges.

As my colleague Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, explained: “When a person asserts a privilege recognized by law, we don’t call that obstruction. We call that the law in action.” If Schiff cares to challenge that right or privilege, he can do so in federal court.In truth, the most egregious acts of obstruction have been committed by Rep. Schiff. He continues to hide the identity of the whistleblower without statutory authority. He refuses to apply the standards of fundamental fairness and due process to his impeachment proceedings.

By contorting the impeachment clause, Schiff has consistently demonstrated contempt for the Constitution. His Republican adversaries certainly have plenty of contempt for the way he has mishandled his impeachment charade.”

The President’s actions have been entirely justified. Our legal system gives the President legal protections, and he has been using them and attempts to claim he cannot show either ignorance or malice. The only person obstructing justice is Rep. Schiff.