Out-of-control spending off Democrats’ radar

Despite a national debt that keeps soaring, Democratic presidential contenders are proposing plans that would increase our national debt instead of shrinking it.

Fox Business reports:

Almost a decade after out-of-control spending and borrowing fueled the Tea Party revolution in a historic midterm election, no major presidential candidates from either party seem interested in the national debt that now stands at more than $23 trillion, leaving every American citizen owing almost $70,000.

Meanwhile, the federal deficit—or the annual budget shortfall—is more than $1 trillion.

With Democrats proposing ever-more spending in the form of massive government-funded benefit programs, and the Trump administration endorsing spending packages that further swell the deficit, budget hawks aren’t sure when and whether the situation could stabilize.


Americans have to tighten their belts and remain disciplined in their spending habits even when economic times are good—our government officials should be expected to do the same instead of increasing funding for poorly implemented government-run programs. Click here to get involved and find out more about Tea Party Patriots’ Penny Plan—a blueprint that, if implemented, could help rein in our national debt!