So many of you have asked how you can help President Trump in Georgia and the other states where his team is pursuing accountability in light of the election fraud that has surfaced.

Right now, the biggest thing you can do to help President Trump and help America is watch, post, and share the videos linked below my signature. We need to get as many eyes on these testimonials from poll watchers and others in Georgia who experienced the corruption first-hand. While his legal team is focusing on the lawsuits they are filing, we the people need to do our part to get the truth out.

Watch the videos, and if you have any social media accounts, share the videos on your accounts. If you do not have social media accounts, forward this email to people that need to see these videos. They are all short and under ten minutes in length, with most being around three to four minutes long.

In addition to these first-person testimonials, please also watch and share the election hearings from Pennsylvania and Arizona.

The reason we must amplify all of these videos, including the hearing videos, is because time is running out, and the media and Big Tech have been working overtime to convince the American people that there was absolutely no fraud whatsoever. We must show our fellow Americans that there are people willing to put their names and faces out there to tell the truth about what happened.

You can also read about the letter that the Trump campaign sent to the Georgia Secretary of State on Monday, to help you understand what is going on in Georgia.

Finally, if you live in Georgia, please consider calling Governor Kemp’s office to urge him to instruct an audit of the ballot signatures, as he has the power to do this via the state’s constitution. He doesn’t need the Secretary of State to get this done. His number is (404) 656-1776.

Please help get the word out about these videos – I cannot emphasize the importance of amplifying their voices enough right now, but it’s hugely important. Thank you, and keep fighting!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin


Nancy Kain volunteered as poll watcher for the GOP for advance voting, Election Day, and counting the absentee ballots after Nov. 3rd. She volunteered on Nov. 5th at both State Farm Arena in Fulton County and in DeKalb County. Nancy saw multiple irregularities at both locations, including a poll worker entering votes into a voting machine, poll watchers like herself forced to stand very far away and unable to actually monitor, people working with the ballots without official badges, and more. Nancy’s video includes photos and video from that day.

Nancy’s Video:

Bridget Thorne is a temporary technician certified by DOMINION to test the voting machines before and during the general election at the Fulton Country “warehouse” facility.   Bridget witnessed mismanagement of 1000’s printed voting machine test ballots by DOMINION employees.  (Test ballots are indistinguishable from real ballots, and can be tabulated should they be mixed in.)  Also, after early voting over 50 scanners loaded with ballots were rolled in from the nearby voting precinct. She was shocked to see there was no care to properly secure the transfer of ballots from scanners to holding bags. Later she found stacks of printed ballots abandoned in an open scanner/tabulator, unsupervised in the evening, accessible to anyone.

Bridget’s Videos:

Debraleigh Brown, a Fulton Co resident was 1st in line at her polling site on Election Day and wastold the Dominion poll equipment was “down” because of a missing key. She was given a partial provisional ballot in lieu of the full ballot. Problems at the precinct went unrepaired for 3hrs, and the manager told her he didn’t know how to verify that her provisional ballot would eventually be counted.

Debraleigh’s Video

Dana Smith of Hartwell Georgia trained to be a poll watcher because she loves her country. She is shocked to discover election officials cutting corners and refusing to secure paper ballots at the end of the night. When the paper ballots are brought in during the recount, she sees they are no longer in the canvas bag they were put in on election night; they’ve been removed and placed neatly in stacks in cardboard boxes that are not labeled and there is no paperwork.

Dana’s Videos

Collete Devine was a GOP poll watcher in Cherokee County as absentee ballots were pulled from envelopes. She was placed so far away from the process that she could not see nor hear what was happening. Staff made it clear she was not welcome.

Collete’s Video:

Jane Levings was trained to be a GOP poll monitor for absentee ballot processing at State Farm arena in Fulton County, GA. The “monitor” designation allowed her movement about the room to view things up close. However, unhelpful Fulton County election staff segregated Jane away into a corner of the large hall, where she couldn’t see or hear any details of the processing of absentee ballots. Meanwhile, monitors from National Public Radio and a George Soros associated group, “Vote at Home Institute,” were allowed to freely roam the room, see up close, and speak freely with workers.

Jane’s Video:

Sandy Metts monitored the ballot recount in Clarke County, GA. She explains how the chain of custody for ballots from the polling place to the recount room is critical to an accurate audit and recount. However, what she observed in person at the recount was far from secure. In fact, when the number of ballots to be recounted fell short of the Nov 3rd totals, ballots were “brought out from the back room” to make up the difference.

Sandy’s Video:

Charlice Byrd was a GOP poll monitor for the recount in Fulton County, GA. She was shocked at the rude treatment of GOP monitors by Fulton county election supervisors. Also, she was forced to stand far away from the process that she was there to monitor. A fellow GOP monitor was directed by a supervisor to delete photos of the process from her phone.

Charlice’s Video:

Leroy Emkin was a poll monitor in Cobb County, Georgia during the recount. He was surprised to discover that no real audit was taking place, despite the promises from state officials. Also, nearby electronic tabulation machines sat idle, unutilized in verifying the hand count. And, like other monitors, he was repeatedly told to move farther away from the people counting ballots.

Leroy’s Video:

Jeremy Merritt – Victim of absentee ballot and voter fraud, at his own rural precinct when he discovers someone walked in earlier on Nov 3rd posing as Jeremy with an absentee ballot…and was allowed to vote!  In the afternoon, when Jeremy arrives to vote and is told he already voted, a poll manager tried to “make good” by urging him to vote in place of his Father. Jeremy refused. Jeremy calls his father from the precinct, and discovers he also experienced absentee problems during early voting and his vote was not recorded in the poll pad system.

Jeremy’s Video:

Laura Jones went through 4 hours of training to be a poll worker in Fulton Country. The focus of the training was “Secure The Vote.” However, everything she experienced on election day shook her faith in the mission; from mismatched serial numbers on polling equipment to open, unsecured USB ports on the large voter touch screen computers.

Laura’s Video:

Susan Knox volunteered as a poll watcher in Cobb County, GA, and found what seemed to be a deliberate attempt by ballot counters and supervisors to keep her from seeing ballots and watching them record vote totals. Ballot counters went so far as to use one hand to cover what they were writing with the other hand. She was obviously unwelcome and hampered at every turn as she tried to ensure integrity and transparency.

Susan’s Video:

Susan Knox - Poll Watcher

Pam Peters was a poll watcher in Floyd Co. She kept hourly notes on the number of votes in the scanner/tabulator up to closing time but was not allowed to witness the securing of ballots at closing. At recount, six additional ballots appeared for that precinct.

Pam’s Video:

Brad Hebebrand is a Georgia voter. He voted on election day. But, when the Dominion scanner jammed while reading his printed ballot, it left him doubting the security of his vote.

Brad’s Video:

Bill Blane volunteered as a poll watcher in Fulton County, GA. He also, like many other watchers, was forced to stay so far from the people counting ballots that it was useless, and did not allow for any supervision of accuracy or integrity. A poll worker refused to answer questions from another poll watcher about why they could not move closer and what exactly was the protocol that the ballot counters were supposed to be following.

Bill’s Video: