Jenny Beth Martin’s remarks about Honest Government

Congress is not working, and the confirmations and appropriations processes are the most obvious examples.

Because of obstructionism by the Senate Democrats, President Trump has had fewer nominees confirmed at this point in his administration than any of his four predecessor presidents.

In fact, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is WEAPONIZING CLOTURE.

If you look back at first term confirmations for the last four presidents, you see what I’m talking about – President George H.W. Bush had ONE cloture vote on a nominee in his first term; President Clinton had TEN; President George W. Bush had FOUR; and President Obama had SEVENTEEN.

TOTAL: 32 cloture votes for four presidents.

President Trump’s nominees, by contrast, have faced EIGHTY-NINE cloture votes.

Not surprisingly, using up all that so-called “DEBATE TIME” slows down the work of the Senate.

As of May 1st, there are still 300 nominees awaiting Senate confirmation.

That’s wrong.

But that’s not the only thing wrong with the Senate. The appropriations process is broken, too.

Can anyone remember the last time Congress passed all twelve spending bills on time?

It was 1997.

In fact, in the 44 years since the current appropriations process has been in place, Congress has only passed its spending bills on time FOUR TIMES.

Instead, we get ALL TWELVE spending bills wrapped into one giant bill. And the so-called “leadership” drops it on everyone without enough to read it, let alone analyze it, or debate it.

The process itself leads to massive overspending.

In 2016, America’s voters REJECTED that. By electing Donald Trump president, they were sending a message to Washington –


We’re here today to DEMAND that Congress change its ways.

We’re here today to DEMAND that Congress WORK.

Coming to work late on Monday afternoon and leaving work early on Thursday afternoon is RIDICULOUS.

We’re here today to DEMAND that Congress get its work done – on NOMINATIONS, and on SPENDING.


Congress should move its spending bills ON TIME. If they haven’t passed ALL 12 SPENDING BILLS by the end of July, they should CANCEL THE AUGUST RECESS.

And if the Senate hasn’t CONFIRMED President Trump’s nominees by the end of July, they should CANCEL THE AUGUST RECESS.

And if Congress will not SEE THE LIGHT, WE will make them FEEL THE HEAT.