Tea Party Patriots in North Carolina rally opposition to President Obama’s liberal Supreme Court nominee

Members of Tea Party Patriots Field Team made a trip to the Tar Heel State last week, where they recruited local tea partyers to urge Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) to preserve former Justice Antonin Scalia’s legacy on the Supreme Court and continue rejecting President Obama’s liberal, anti-Second-Amendment Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

“While President Obama is entitled to nominate an individual to the Supreme Court, the Senate has made it clear it will be exercising its constitutional authority to withhold consent of the nomination. We are in the middle of a presidential election, and the Senate majority is giving the American people a voice to determine the direction of the Supreme Court,” Sen. Tillis said in a statement declining support for the nominee.

D.C. Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland has a record of far-left rulings on issues ranging from Second-Amendment rights to business regulation and would be the sure-fire means of tipping the Supreme Court scale in favor of President Obama’s liberal policy agenda.

For the rest of 2016, Tea Party Patriots will focus heavily on Senate Republicans, making sure they keep their promises to hold firm against the pressure from the progressive left. This means no hearings and no votes on any nomination by President Obama so that the American people can have a say in the process. After all, this is a lifetime appointment. The citizenry deserve the right to impact such a monumental decision.

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