Dear Governor Kemp,

Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure the integrity of the November 3rd general election in Georgia. As charges and counter-charges are exchanged, we are grateful for your leadership.

As the former secretary of state of Georgia, you are no doubt aware that Georgia Code § 45-15-18 authorizes you, as governor, to direct the attorney general to “conduct an investigation” into the matters regarding the current election controversy. We therefore urge you to direct the attorney general to do the following:

  • Prioritize a thorough audit of the absentee ballot signatures to determine whether enough significant fraud occurred to call into question the outcome of the election;
  • Conduct an investigation of the Fulton County State Farm video;
  • Conduct a full-scale investigation of the November 3rd presidential election.

Only with a thorough audit of the absentee ballot signatures, in addition to these requested investigations, will we be able to settle the question, once and for all, of the scope and extent of election fraud in our state on November 3rd.

Time is of the essence for this audit to occur, not only because of the timeline for certification of the presidential election results, but also because of the January 5th runoff races on the horizon. Georgia’s voters, and all Georgia residents, have every right to expect, and to demand, that the elections in our state be conducted in a reliably and consistently fair and transparent manner.

The allegations of voter fraud, and the number of reported incidents of irregularities, must be investigated.

Thank you again, Governor Kemp, for your leadership in this matter, and for your prompt response.



Letter to Gov. Kemp