Keeper of the Republic

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Eternal Vigilance Project with Tea Party Patriots Action! This form is for the volunteer position of "Keeper of the Republic." See the basic position description below and then fill out the form, and we will be in touch!

Keeper of the Republic will organize at a very local level, communicating TPPA’s message of liberty to friends, family, and neighbors.

Goals to achieve by November 2022 include:

  • Host 1 House Party
  • Visit 50 homes to talk to voters (asking to sign petitions this year or educating about issues before voting next year)
  • Assist with 1 Voter Registration Drive (as applicable to your area)
  • Make 30 calls to share your opinion on legislation
  • Post and share 3 of TPPA's social media messages per week (3 messages per week * 50 weeks = 150 messages)
  • Hold 2 Sign Waving Events
  • Contact 250 voters with texts, calls, or mail
  • Attend 2 school board meetings
  • Attend 2 city council or county commission meetings
  • Sign up for 1 TPPA Working Group
  • Volunteer 20 hours with a local or state campaign in fall 2022
  • Commit to working on Election Day activities
  • Bonus Item: In addition to Election Day, assist during early voting, Monday before Election Day, Wednesday after Election Day