Champion of the Republic

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Eternal Vigilance Project with Tea Party Patriots Action! This form is for the volunteer position of "Champion of the Republic." See the basic position description below and then fill out the form, and we will be in touch!

Champion of the Republic will recruit, coordinate, and assist a group of 10 Keepers of the Republic.

Goals for Your 10 Person Keepers of the Republic Group by November 2022:

  • 500 home visits to voters
  • 5 House Parties
  • 300 Calls to Elected Officials
  • 15,000 TPPA Social Media Posts Shared
  • 20 Sign Waving Events
  • 2500 Voter Contacts with calls, texts, or mail
  • A regular presence at school board meetings
  • A regular presence at city council or county commission meeting
  • Participate in TPPA Working Groups of choice
  • Log 200 volunteer hours on local or state campaigns of choice in fall 2022
  • Cover at least 5 precincts for Election Day activities

Individual Responsibilities:

  • Recruit 10 Keepers of the Republic
  • Coordinate 1 Voter Registration Drive for your group to hold (as applicable according to state law)
  • Confirm calls to local elected officials are made
  • Send TPPA social media messages to your group to share
  • Sent TPPA weekly call to action to your group
  • Setup small email or private social media group to communicate with your group
  • Verify voter contacts are made
  • Assist TPPA with training webinars for your team (as needed)
  • Attend at least 1 TPPA Nationwide Leadership Council Call per month
  • Encourage extremely active Keepers of the Republic to become Champions of the Republic forming their own small groups