Q: How do I start a local group?

A: We would love to help you start a local group! Some initial steps may include identifying like-minded people to assist in getting the group off the ground, schedule a program, meeting or event, and advertise it publicly to attract even more like-minded people. Then visit the Local Groups page to start your group.


Q: How do we create a successful event?

A: Here are a few tips to get you started: Identify key issues in your area and choose one as the focus of your event, choose a location/time/date to hold an event (meeting, rally, etc), secure a permit if needed, advertise the event, and seek like minded people to assist/participate; be open to potential allies, creative in your publicity, and don’t forget to collect the contact information of people who attend the event!


Q: How do I become a local or state coordinator?

A: Once you start a group, or are elected to lead an existing group, you are considered a local coordinator. To become a Tea Party Patriots Local Coordinator, you need to register for an account on Tea Party Patriots’ website.  This will also give you access to tools and resources available from the National Tea Party Patriots organization.  After registering, you will be able to list your group on the website where others can find your group and connect with you. State Coordinators are recommended by fellow coordinators and selected by invitation.


Q: How do I join a local group?

A:  Using our website search tool, identify groups close to your location. You can contact Local Coordinators right from this website for information on upcoming events, activities and how to join, just go to the Local Groups page and click on the link on the left hand side of the page “Contact the Local Coordinator”.  A form will appear.  Fill in your contact info and the information you are looking for, any questions or just the fact that you want to join the local group and hit Submit.  The local coordinator will receive your message and get right back to you.


Q: What is Tea Party Patriots (the national organization) and what does it do?

A: Tea Party Patriots serves as an umbrella organization for local groups across the country, providing funding, support structures for local and state leaders, including networking opportunities, resources and consensus building of Tea Party goals.


Q: What is the difference between the local group and the national organization?

A: Local groups function autonomously and define their own missions/activities. Tea Party Patriots exists to serve local groups, by providing issue-based training, supplies, tools, resources, and education. Local groups independently choose their political activities, including endorsements and education priorities. Tea Party Patriots does not support or oppose candidates, parties, or Political Action Committees (PACs). Tea Party Patriots focuses on issue-based activism and education.   If you would like information on getting candidate support, please contact the Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund.


Q: How does Tea Party Patriots make decisions with grassroots groups?

A: Tea Party Patriots sustains a grassroots vision by obtaining real-time input from local leaders before making strategic decisions via scheduled weekly webinars, surveys and polls.


Q: Why doesn’t Tea Party Patriots take a stand on social issues?

A:  As Tea Party Patriots focuses on the three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets, we do not take a position on social issues.  As an organization, we are neither opposed to, or in favor of, issues surrounding these questions, and will not expend our resources on them.  Yet, we will weigh in when we believe that our core values are being compromised by Washington’s action on these matters.  There are other avenues and organizations for our members to more appropriately get involved in these issues.  We encourage Tea Party members to engage with existing socially issue-based organizations of their personal choice.


Q: Is there just one Tea Party?  There seems to be a lot of different names and sites.  What is the difference?

A: There is one Tea Party movement. Several organizations use the phrase “Tea Party” in their name. Tea Party Patriots is the largest grassroots organization and strives to be the best service provider for local groups. The strength of the tea party movement is the grassroots leaders, activists and organizations – Tea Party Patriots is dedicated to lifting up and strengthening the tea party movement at the grassroots level.