By Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder, Tea Party Patriots

Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the constitutionally of ObamaCare. The arguments presented to the court will be complex and the questions posed by the jurists will be dissected and analyzed. However, the question posed by most Americans will be simple — will the court radically change our government and redefine our status as citizens? Millions of Tea Party Patriots believe it will, and we are begging the court to reject this law and save America.

This is not a case of political hyperbole. ObamaCare is quickly becoming a complex labyrinth of bureaus, boards, councils, committees, taxes and control agents — each designed to entrap every American in a cycle of health care dependency and hopelessness.   The Soviet Union collapsed in part from its reliance on government central planning; but for some reason, President Obama believes he can do it better. The tea party does not share his unsupportable optimism.

A Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate portion of the law will almost certainly place Americans far down the “road to serfdom” that economist Friedrich Hayek warned of in 1944….Read More….