Tea Party Patriots partners with ACLU to run ads opposing the Patriot Act

Tea Party’s Jenny Beth Martin Sizes Up Fiorina, Carson, Huckabee (Newsmax TV – Interview With Jenny Beth Martin)

With three new entrants into the Republican presidential field this week, Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin gave her thoughts to Newsmax TV on Monday about how each would fare with the tea party wing... Continue here.

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Neil’s Spiel: Republicans losing their budget soul? (Fox Business – Jenny Beth Martin Interview with Neil Cavuto)

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Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com National Review reporter Katherine Timpf, Tea Party Patriots Founder Jenny Beth Martin and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on concerns the Republican Party is not sticking to the push to rein in spending...Continue here.

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The Wall Street Journal – Opinion Journal: The Tea Party Agenda for 2016 (Interview with Jenny Beth Martin)

Tea Party Patriots President and Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin on her organization’s policy priorities... Continue here.

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Newsmax – J.D. Hayworth Show – Jenny Beth Martin


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Justices Skeptical of Obamacare Challenge (Washington Examiner – Paige Winfield Cunningham)

Obamacare's insurance subsidies appeared a bit safer Wednesday after the Supreme Court heard the latest legal challenge to President Obama's signature healthcare law... Continue here.

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CSPAN – Tea Party Influence – Jenny Beth Martin

Fox News – ‘Green Tea Coalition’: Strange bedfellows fight for solar power in Sunshine State

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

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Newsmax – Steve Malzberg Show – Jenny Beth Martin

CSPAN – Jenny Beth Martin, National Press Club