See below for a detailed PDF for each day of action, which includes signing and sharing a letter about the CDC’s crazy guidelines. SIGN THE LETTER DOWNLOAD TO SHARE DAY 1 ITEMS DAY 2 ITEMS DAY 3 ITEMS DAY 4 ITEMS DAY 5 ITEMS And, remember, even if you do not have children or young…

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In last Tuesday's elections, President Trump helped Republicans do something that is done very rarely in American politics – he helped his party actually GAIN SEATS in the Senate elections. As of right now, Senate Republicans have a net two-seat pickup. We defeated three Democrat incumbents running for reelection – Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota,…Read More
America is under siege. Our border is not secure. Illegal immigration is rampant.  At any time, a terrorist could cross our border and attack our country.  But these are not the only problems facing our country as a result of an unsecure border.  Few people realize that our porous border is fueling the deadly opioid…Read More