True Health Care Reform Talking Points

  • Our nation simply cannot afford Obamacare. The healthcare law adds trillions to our nation’s debt.
  • Obamacare’s mandates and regulations have driven up health insurance costs, and they must all be repealed.
  • True healthcare reform will uphold the Constitution, protect individual liberty, and not put government between doctors and patients. In replacing Obamacare, Congress must first look to the Constitution for guidance.
  • Obamacare gives bureaucrats and other unelected officials in Washington, DC too much power. The law created more than 150 new agencies, boards, and commissions made up of unelected people who are not accountable to us!
  • Obamacare’s “individual mandate” is an attack on individual liberty. The individual mandate requires all citizens to buy government-approved health insurance or pay a fine to the IRS.
  • The Senate’s reform bill must rein in – not expand! – the federal bureaucracy.