The New York Meeting

The New York Meeting is a national forum based in New York City at The Grand Hyatt, run by Mallory Factor and O’Brien Murray.  The New York Meeting identifies leaders and generates ideas for the future of our nation.  The New York Meeting is engaging, fast-paced and gets to the core of the most important issues facing America.  This monthly one-hour meeting consists of four 15 minute segments with America’s leaders—national politicians, grassroots leaders, news makers and celebrated authors.  The live audience is limited to five hundred invited guests–donors, media, organization heads and legislators.  But now, you can be there too and watch it all on streaming video.

This month’s meeting features Tea Party Patriot’s co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, who will address the meeting on how to engage independents and Democrats on free market issues and lay the groundwork for the 2014 & 2016 elections.  David Stockman, bestselling author of The Great Deformation, will explain what we need to do now to revive our “setting sun” economy.  In addition, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) will discuss immigration reform and domestic terrorism, and Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA), candidate for Senate in Georgia, will delve into our budget woes.  All speakers will be questioned by this month’s panel which consists of David Freddoso from the Washington Examiner, Robert George of the New York Post, and John Tamny of Forbes.

Take this opportunity to tune in to this high-level, invitation-only meeting of free market leaders, which was off-the-record and held behind closed-door for years.