Tax Day Events

The complexity, the extortion, the cronyism, the cost, the uncertainty, the corruption, the lack of transparency, and the targeting. These are just some of the reasons we must fundamentally alter our tax system with deep and systemic reforms. Attempts at reform in the past merely nibbled around the edges because they never went to the root of the problem: the 16th Amendment. The 16th Amendment gives Congress the authority to tax individuals on their income.  Since the 16th Amendment was passed 100 years ago, the tax code has ballooned to an incomprehensible 73,000-page mess.


The time to act is now!  The IRS is becoming more and more oppressive every day, and Americans can no longer trust their government to implement the tax code fairly and justly. There is only one way to eliminate the IRS and bring transparency and fairness back to our tax system: We must repeal the 16th Amendment.


In order to repeal the 16th Amendment, we must build support from the ground up!


Join Us For Two Exciting Activities This Tax Season


Tele Town Hall
On April 8th, at 8pm EDT, Tea Party Patriots hosted a tele town hall with Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK) who authored the bill in the House of Representatives to repeal the 16th amendment. Listen to a recording of the call to understand the importance of repealing the 16th amendment.

Bridenstine_Jim-100x100 Jim Bridenstine – Oklahoma

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House Party
On April 15th, patriots across the country will host house parties in their homes with friends and family to watch a short film, created by Tea Party Patriots, about the IRS targeting and the need for serious reform. If you have friends that don’t know what happened with the IRS or why it was allowed to happen, this video will be a great resource for you. Watch the video and share it with your friends to let them know why we must replace our current tax code with a system that is fair, flat, and fixed.


Sign the Petition
Sign the petition to help repeal the 16th Amendment.