Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty

**Update 8/14/14 11:12am**
Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is calling on every American citizen to call their U.S. senators and demand to know where they stand on Obama’s executive amnesty. Contact Your Senator 

Sessions, also called on Reid to allow a vote on the House-passed Blackburn measure that would block President Obama’s attempts to continue or expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty to millions more illegal aliens. Read more at>

**Update 8/1/14 7:37pm**
After hours of waiting to see what was going to be in the final bill, we finally have an update that you can check out here.

**Update 8:23pm**

Polling data compiled by Tea Party Patriots and provided exclusively to Breitbart News shows that a majority of Republican voters think Republicans standing strong on immigration is more important than repealing Obamacare, getting to the bottom of the Benghazi or IRS scandals—or anything else for that matter. Read More at>

**Update 8:07pm**

The House Rules Committee passed a rule to allow a bill to be brought  to the floor the same day it is filed so that if they are able to come up with a new bill in the next 24 hours it can be voted on tomorrow. There is still no word as to what the new bill will look like, but there is a House Republican Conference Meeting at 9am EDT tomorrow morning. We would advise calling leadership and your own representative tonight as well as first thing tomorrow morning. You will likely have to leave a message tonight, but make sure to express to them that unless the border bill addresses the President’s executive overreach on amnesty then it isn’t good enough.

Speaker John Boehner | 202-225-6205
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy | 202-225-2915
Majority Whip Steve Scalise | 202-225-3015

**Update 5:33pm**
The House Rules Committee is currently meeting to discuss the process of crafting a new piece of legislation. You can tune in now at

**Update 4:30pm**
The House Republican Conference will meet again at 9am tomorrow morning. This isn’t over. Keep calling and tell them no border bailout without stopping the President’s executive amnesty!

**Update 3:00pm**
The House Replublican Conference is meeting right now to discuss the next plan of action. This means that they could draft a new bill that will be up for a vote tonight. Keep Calling and Demand that they stop the President’s Executive Amnesty!

**Update 1:48pm**
We have learned that the House leadership has canceled the voted on the Supplemental Border Bailout. Great work patriots. Your calls are what effectively put an end to this. Now keep calling them and tell them to stop the President’s executive amnesty!


Late last night, Blackburn introduced a new bill that House Leadership agreed to allow a vote on that is essentially a watered down version of her original language. The bill falls short of ending the DACA program which is the main thing that is causing the influx of illegal aliens coming across the border. There will be two votes Thursday afternoon, the first on the House Supplemental bill at a cost of $659 million – essentially the border bailout. The second vote will be a stand alone vote on Marsha Blackburn’s new language. Even if this bill was the original language that Senator Ted Cruz also sponsored in the Senate, voting on it by itself would allow the Senate to pass the House Supplemental spending bill without having to do anything about DACA. At this point we are urging Representatives to vote no on both votes this afternoon.

The House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill on Thursday that would give the President his desired border bailout without putting an end to his executive amnesty. The bill would spend $659 million over the next two months, which is roughly the same amount that the President was asking for over the same period ($3+ billion over the next 5 months). The problem is, the bill does nothing to stop the President’s executive amnesty through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which is the cause of the current influx of illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border and it does nothing to put tighter restrictions on what they call “Other than Mexicans” (OTM) or “Unaccompanied Children” (UAC) seeking asylum and essentially receiving back-door amnesty.


Call Congress now and tell them the current House Supplemental bill is not acceptable and that they need to stop the President’s illegal executive amnesty by adding the Cruz/Blackburn DACA fix (HR5160) and replacing the current “backdoor amnesty through asylum language” with the Chaffetz/Goodlatte OTM/UAC fix (HR5137).


Listen to Reps. Bachmann and Gohmert from our Tele Town Hall on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Summary:
Call Congress Now and tell them:

1. No to the House $659 million border bailout

UNLESS they add

2. Cruz/Blackburn DACA fix language (HR5160)
3. Chaffetz/Goodlatte OTM/UAC fix language (HR5137)

While these spending levels are still way too much, we need to do everything we can to stop the current influx of illegal aliens coming into the country and Congress needs to secure the border!