When this movement started there were only 22 people who committed around the country to hosting events. None of those 22 really had any idea if people would show up or not. Still, they knew they had to bring attention to the out of control government. You may not have a lot of people join you the first week or two you host a sign waving event. Keep going anyway. This is important to do.  Have the courage to make your voice heard even if you do not know how many others will be there with you. Know that you will NOT be alone as others around the country will also be participating simultaneously around the country. 


1) Secure a location: You will want your event to be at an intersection with heavy traffic to maximize visibility.  Confirm with local officials that you are allowed to wave signs at this location.


2) Make signs.  We have included here some suggestions for quick slogans and messages for your signs.  Feel free to write your own, but try to stay with the main themes of “train wreck” AND “read the bill.”


3) Have one sign say something to this effect: “We’ll be here every Thursday at 5:30 pm – Come join us!”


4) Advertise your event: Use your Facebook and other social media to let all of your activists and friends know about the event.


5) Invite the press: Notify local press (TV, radio, and newspapers) that there will be a street rally on Thursday at 5:30 pm and invite them to attend.


6) On the day of the event, send an email reminder to all of your group’s members.


7) Take pictures!  Be sure to take pictures of your sign waving event.  Send the pictures to us at [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS] and also be sure to post your pictures on your Facebook page and any other online tools that you use.


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