Do you need a speaker for your event?

Tea Party Patriots can help provide speakers with experience and a knowledge of current issues. Many State and Local Coordinators have been through our special Champions Training program and are able to travel within their states and local geographic areas to champion the core values and message of the Tea Party. Also, in some cases, our National Coordinators may be able to travel to your event. Availability is definitely limited, so please plan well in advance!

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National Coordinators are listed below

If you would like to inquire regarding either availability or subject matter specialties for State and Local Champions or national Coordinators, please visit our Support Page where you can email us a request. Be sure and include your event details, dates and location.


6 WesternConservative 080213Jenny Beth Martin

National Coordinator




Bill NortonBill Norton

National Constitutional Coordinator




Debbie DooleyDebbie Dooley

Tea Party Patriots
National Coordinator




Diana ReimerDiana Reimer

National Coordinator




Keli CarenderKeli Carender

National Coordinator
Twitter: @LiberTBelle
Facebook: Liberty Belle



Shelby BlakelyShelby Blakely

National Support Team – Journalist Coordinator