The Ruling Elite is up to it again. They want you to think they have voted for defunding while actually not doing anything meaningful – once again.

Eric Cantor’s 5 Step plan is described at in more detail. The gist of it is this:

1. The House will pass a Continuing Resolution that funds Obamacare and, simultaneously, will pass a concurrent resolution that defunds Obamacare. The two bills will be ‘enrolled’ as if they were one bill — so one vote passes two bills at the same time.  The Clerk of the House will send to the Senate the concurrent resolution that defunds Obamacare but includes funding for the rest of the government, and will hold the ‘clean’ continuing resolution at the desk until the Senate votes on the concurrent resolution that defunds Obamacare.

2. After passage in the House, the Senate has to have an up/down vote on the concurrent resolution with the defund language before the continuing resolution can move to the Senate. This is yet another show vote. Because there is no price to be paid for voting it down and continuing to fund Obamacare, it has no binding leverage tied to it. It is truly a vote just for appearances.

3. After the Senate has the show vote on defund, the Senate may then pass the “clean” continuing resolution, which will then go to the President for his signature without having to go back to the House of Representatives. This continuing resolution would fund the government and would have no binding impact on defunding Obamacare in any way.

The Ruling Elite thinks another game, trick and lie to the people is acceptable. It is not.

The ruling elite in the House thinks that what we want is recorded votes in the House and Senate.  They are wrong.   What we want is for them to stop funding Obamacare.

Sign below to tell Congress: Obamcare is not ready for big business, big labor, or big government and Obamacare is not ready for the American people. Congress must pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government for all of fiscal year 2014 that binds the defund Obamacare effort – you must stop spending of any kind on Obamacare in 2014.

We have heard enough meaningless, empty promises from the Congress and it is time for action. No more games. No more tricks. No more lies. Exempt America and Defund Obamcare Now.

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