The media, the Ruling Elite in DC, the President, and now are blaming this government shut down on us. They say they’ve had enough of us, but we’ve had enough of Obamacare. The law hasn’t even been fully implemented and already promises are being broken. People are losing their doctors, they’re losing their health insurance, and every single day we hear more people are losing hours at work or worse – they’re losing their jobs because of Obamacare.

We didn’t ask for this shut down. We asked for hard working American families to get the same exemptions that big business and Congress and their staffs are getting. If this law is so great, why can’t they live under it? It’s time to Shutdown Obamacare, not the Government.

Show up at your Congressman’s or Senators’ offices at 12pm on Friday, 10/4/13 to demand that DC Shutdown Obamacare!

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