Sign the Tea Party Patriots’ Petition and let your United States Senators know that you are opposed to S.744, Senator Schumer’s amnesty bill.  Let your Senators know that you support real immigration reform, which starts with border security.  The bill that the Senate is currently considering has ZERO border security requirements!  Americans deserve better than this unaffordable train wreck known as S.744.

Congress needs to hear from us TODAY!  With less than three weeks to go before the anticipated Senate vote on this amnesty bill, your Senators need to hear from you!

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Dear Senator:

Please don’t allow S.744 to go any further in the Senate.  Americans overwhelmingly support border security first – by most polls, more than 70% of respondents say securing the border should be the top priority of any immigration bill.  But S.744 falls woefully short in the area of border security.

Americans are ready for real immigration reform. We understand that true immigration reform would:

1) Secure the border first

2) Represent Americans, not empower unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats

3) Be fair and Constitutional

4) Be understandable

5) Strengthen the economy

6) Promote American values

Because the Senate amnesty bill fails on each of those six points, I hope you will reconsider your support for this wrong-headed legislation.

Senators Lee, Cruz, Sessions, and Grassley wrote a Dear Colleague letter pointing out the many flaws in the bill and also noting solutions to fix our broken immigration system.  I support the message of the letter, which can be read here. I stand with those four Senators and believe America deserves better than broken promises from Members of Congress.  I will be watching how you vote on this important issue. 

Click for more information on what real immigration reform looks like

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