Sample Tweets:

Hey Congress: Don’t vote for wreckless Schumer’s amnesty bill. #DCIntervention

The Senate amnesty bill. Another train wreck. #DCIntervention.

Senate amnesty bill won’t yield border security. #DCIntervention

11M new people in the health care system? Amnesty will be another Obamacare train wreck. #DCIntervention

Where is the accountability in Schumer’s amnesty bill? #DCIntervention

Amnesty bill just like Obamacare – lots of power and authority for unelected bureaucrats. #DCIntervention.

Sample Facebook Post:

Sen. Schumer and Sen. Rubio have worked together on an amnesty bill that will completely transform the fabric of American society. The bill grants immediate amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, even those who have been convicted of serious crimes. The bill’s sponsors promised we would achieve border security through this bill, but the reality is that the bill doesn’t actually require a border fence to be built and it doesn’t even require any other commonsense border security measures. The bill has zero accountability metrics. If the unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Homeland Security fail to secure the border, there are no consequences whatsoever.

Without border security and other accountability metrics, there is no reason for the Senate to vote for this bill! We demand accountability from our elected officials!

Sign this petition here and tell the Senate that this amnesty bill is completely unacceptable.

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