Sample Twitter and Facebook Posts Weekly Toolkit
June 10, 2013

Sample Tweets for Twitter:

Congress: Don’t vote for Schumer’s amnesty bill. #DCIntervention

Congress didn’t bother to read Obamacare before voting. Looks like amnesty bill is heading down same path.

Call your representatives and them if they have read the amnesty bill.

Does anyone believe the Senate amnesty bill will actually improve border security? #BrokenPromises

The Senate amnesty bill. Another train wreck. #DCIntervention.

More than 70% of Americans oppose amnesty bill and demand border security. Why is Congress ignoring us?

Senate amnesty bill won’t yield border security. #DCIntervention

11M new people in the health care system? Amnesty will be another Obamacare train wreck. #DCIntervention

Congress thinks another amnesty without border security is a good idea. Americans disagree. #DCIntervention

Amnesty bill just like Obamacare – lots of power and authority for unelected bureaucrats. #DCIntervention.

Call your U.S. Senators today and voice your opposition to amnesty.

Sample Facebook Post:

Sen. Schumer and Sen. Rubio have worked together on an amnesty bill that would completely transform the fabric of American society. The bill would grant immediate amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, including those who have been convicted of serious crimes. The Senate amnesty bill, at more than 1,000 pages, is a hefty bill that requires serious scrutiny. But don’t expect your Senators to read it carefully or to even read it at all! They can’t be bothered with reading the bill before passing it.


Remember in 2010 when Congress failed to read Obamacare? Now we’re all paying for their sloppy legislative work. It’s time for us to tell Congress that we pay their paychecks and we demand careful consideration and scrutiny of the amnesty bill.

Call your U.S. Senators today and let them know that this amnesty bill is wrong for America.