Sample Tweets for Twitter:

IRS scandal is exactly why fed gov’t needs less authority. #DCIntervention IRS scandal = what we’ve been fighting against for 4 years. #DCIntervention

We will never stop fighting for Americans and justice for victims of IRS.
Let @TPPatriots know about your IRS persecution stories. #DCIntervention “I don’t know” is not a comforting answer from IRS head.

The fed bureaucracy is so large that we can’t hold them accountable for crimes like

IRS scandal.

@IRS has a lot of explaining to do. How many personal audits of patriots? Sign our petition to hold IRS accountable
IRS targeting conservatives must be corrected. #DCIntervention
Fair, equal application of law applies to Tea Party too. #DCIntervention IRS scandals illustrate why America needs the tea party!

No more harassment! No more intimidation from IRS. #DCIntervention

Tea Party Patriots: protects and defends the Constitution. IRS: targets and audits defenders of the Constitution