Sample Social Media – July 15

Sample Tweets for Twitter:

.@GOPConferenceHouse Members: Don’t vote for Schumer’s amnesty bill.  #DCIntervention

The Senate didn’t bother to read the amnesty bill before voting.  Will the House make the same mistake?

@GOPConference  Don’t follow the Senate’s lead. Take a stand against Gang of 8 amnesty without border security.

Call your representatives and ask them to STOP AMNESTY IN THE HOUSE.

Senators aren’t serious about border security.  Is the House? #BrokenPromises

The Senate amnesty bill. Another train wreck.  #DCIntervention.

.@GOPConference More than 70% of Americans oppose amnesty bill and demand border security.  Why is Congress ignoring us?

Senate amnesty bill won’t yield border security.  #DCIntervention

.@GOPConference 11M new people in the health care system? Amnesty will be another Obamacare train wreck. #DCIntervention

.@GOPConference Congress thinks another amnesty without border security is a good idea.  Americans disagree.  #DCIntervention

Amnesty bill just like Obamacare – lots of power and authority for unelected bureaucrats. #DCIntervention.

Call your U.S. Senators today and voice your opposition to amnesty.

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