May 20, 2013

Senator _____________________

Address: __________________________



Dear Senator:

As your constituent, I am writing to tell you that I am extremely alarmed by what we have learned has been taking place at the IRS for the past three years.    The IRS has been abusing its power and targeting conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups, and has harassed individuals by subjecting them to invasive questionnaires and audits.  These actions are completely unacceptable and demand serious investigation and oversight by Congress.

What is equally alarming is that in the midst of the revelations about this scandal, the Senate is continuing to push its amnesty bill, S. 744.  The IRS scandal involves a gross abuse of power and mismanagement of the federal bureaucracy.  It is, therefore, extremely difficult to understand why the Senate wants to grow the bureaucracy and give unelected officials at the Department of Homeland Security almost complete decision-making authority in the area of immigration.

The amnesty bill expands the federal bureaucracy and gives unprecedented control of our entire immigration system to the Secretary of Homeland Security, another unelected (and thus, unaccountable) figure in Washington.  If the IRS’s extreme abuse of power has taught us anything, it ought to be that it is time for Congress to get serious about reining in the federal bureaucracy and representing the American people.

Although the unelected officials at the IRS are not directly accountable to voters, they are indirectly accountable to us through our elected officials in Washington.  It is your job, as my United States Senator, to ensure that this scandal is fully investigated.  The 2010 elections proved that voters do hold elected officials accountable, and I can assure you that the American public is closely watching Congress’s response to this un-Constitutional and un-American attack on our liberties.  Next year’s elections will be another opportunity for voters to express their dismay with Congress if appropriate measures are not taken to stop the federal bureaucracy’s abuses of power.