Senator [FULL NAME]

June 17, 2013


Dear Senator:


I am writing as your constituent to tell you that I am extremely disappointed that the Senate voted to end discussion on S.744 and is now rushing forward with a full Senate vote on this bill.

According to recent polls, more than 70% of Americans want the border to be completely secured before we begin to discuss any other components of the immigration system.  When Members of the Senate talk about S.744, they frequently claim that the bill would enhance border security.  But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  S. 744 weakens existing security measure, does not require that any additional sections of the fence be built, and gives an enormous amount of discretion to unelected officials within the Department of Homeland Security.   Homeland Security has already proven how incompetent it is with border security, and the Senate should be mindful of that before handing over our entire border security strategy to this department.

Americans deserve an immigration strategy that respects the rule of law and is mindful of our nation’s complex border security needs.  S. 744, unfortunately, accomplishes neither of those goals.  Because the bill falls so short on border security, I hope we can count on you to vote against this rushed amnesty bill.






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