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Dear Congressman:

I am writing to tell you that I am very opposed to the Senate’s amnesty bill and strongly urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that the Senate bill – or anything resembling the Senate’s bill –  does not become law.

According to recent polls, more than 70% of Americans want the border to be completely secured before we begin to discuss any other components of the immigration system.  This mandate from the people reflects our overwhelming desire to address all aspects of border weaknesses, including visa overstays and internal enforcement issues.  Other polls, including a recent Gallup poll, show that Americans are far more concerned about the economy and job creation than immigration.  In fact, the Gallup Poll surveyed Americans about their top priorities and found that immigration reform ranked absolutely lowest on a list of twelve priorities.  (Gallup Poll “Americans Give Guns, Immigration Reform Low Priority,” May 7, 2013)

So, while Americans are understandably concerned about the dismal economy and the anemic jobs reports, an out-of-touch Senate passed a bill that would immediately grant more than 11 million illegal immigrants the legal status to compete with American workers.  And, adding insult to injury, that same bill does nothing to secure the border.

The Senate passed their amnesty bill without reading it, without understanding the closed-door special favors in it, and without understanding the full implications of the bill.  It is now up to the House of Representatives to stop this bill from becoming law.  Will you and your colleagues do your job and represent the American people?

The American public wants to know that our elected officials work for us, not for special interest groups.  The Senate bill is not a good starting point for discussions on immigration.  It should be discarded completely and “dead on arrival” in the House.


Yours in Liberty,





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