Senator [FULL NAME]

June 10, 2013


Dear Senator Hatch:

I am writing to tell you that I am extremely disappointed that you have indicated your support for S.744.  When you were campaigning, you spoke about the need for real border security and a fair immigration policy.  But now that you are a safe distance from your next re-election, you have decided to support a bill that clearly violates the principles we thought you supported.

According to recent polls, more than 70% of Americans want the border to be completely secured before we begin to discuss any other components of the immigration system.  The Senate amnesty bill, however, gets it exactly wrong by weakening existing security measures in many instances, and leaving the rest of our border security in the hands of the executive branch, which is already defying current immigration laws.  To make matters worse, the only apparent priority of the bill is to grant amnesty to millions of people who are here illegally.

These are a few of the bill’s major shortcomings:

  • S. 744 does not secure the border or strengthen national security in any way.
  • S.744 does not add any additional Border Patrol agents to patrol the vast land areas between ports of entry.
  • S.744 does not require any border security measures be taken on the northern border or along the coasts, which is where many illegal immigrants arrive.
  • S.744 leaves in place policies that direct immigration agents to release illegal immigrants the Administration deems “low priority.”

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Employees Union opposes S. 744 and says the bill would pose a “danger to the general public.”  As our nation’s premier experts on border security matters, shouldn’t they have been consulted during this process?  Instead, the Senate completely blocked the ICE union out of the discussions.

The American public deserves – and we are now demanding – a more open and transparent process.  Reforming our entire immigration system with a massive 1000-page piece of legislation that was authored by special interest groups and without the input of border security experts, is certainly not the answer.

I hope the American people can count on you to vote against Sen. Schumer’s amnesty bill.