Repeal 16


It’s time to dump the IRS! The complexity, the extortion, the cronyism, the cost, the uncertainty, the corruption, the lack of transparency, and the targeting. These are just some of the reasons we must fundamentally alter our tax system with deep and systemic reforms.

Attempts at reform in the past merely nibbled around the edges because they never went to the root of the problem: the 16th Amendment. America is ready for a fair, fixed, and flat tax code and with your help we can make it happen.

For 100 years Americans have been overburdened by the 16th Amendment.
Today, the U.S. Tax Code is 74,000 pages long.

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Dump the IRS

One of the most destructive forces in America emerged 101 years ago when the 16th Amendment to the Constitution went into effect. It gave Congress the ability to levy taxes on the income of working Americans and in the process, gave us the Internal Revenue Service, the most widely reviled agency in all of government.

The IRS was spawned by the need to enforce the income tax and the only way to eliminate this agency is through constitutional change.

If the IRS was just collecting taxes, that would be one thing. But we now know the IRS has engaged in a systematic campaign of intimidation against us and like-minded Americans. We also recently learned that the IRS even contemplated criminal prosecution of Tea Party Patriots!

WHEREAS, the rights of the American people are granted by our Creator and protected from government infringement by our Constitution; and
WHEREAS, the 16th Amendment, granting the federal government the power to tax the income of its own people, is a direct violation of our right not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment; and
WHEREAS, the Internal Revenue Service has abused its power under the 16th Amendment to harass tea party Americans trying to exercise their First Amendment rights to the freedom of speech and assembly; and
WHEREAS, the federal government has proven itself incapable of controlling its urge to recklessly spend and waste the funds it confiscates from the fruits of its citizens’ labor; and
WHEREAS, Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) has introduced a bill in the House Representatives to permanently repeal this disaster and end this oppression.
THEREFOREI hereby demand that you immediately and completely approve HJ Res 104 without delay, thereby relieving the American people from the oppressive burden of the federal income tax and the Internal Revenue Service!

Over 20,000 petition signatures were delivered to Congress in 2014

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