Are you tired of your representatives posing for the cameras, kissing babies, making nice promises, and then completely caving on their principles once they get to Washington, DC?

In 2010, the Tea Party movement sent a loud message to politicians across the country. With one of the largest wave elections in history, the Tea Party said enough was enough and we demanded accountability in our government. However, it seems politicians on both sides of the aisle have gone back to their old ways, thinking the Tea Party movement was a fad that would fade away with time. THEY COULDN’T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!

The politicians are playing games with the future of our country and we WILL NOT allow it to continue. This is exactly why we have launched Operation: Light the Fire. In 2010 we vowed to hold politicians’ feet to the fire, but we didn’t start until after the election. This time we won’t make the same mistake.

We need your help lighting the fire. This week while your Representatives, Senators, and Candidates are at home in their districts we need you to get them on record, ON VIDEO, answering the following 2 questions:

1. Will you commit to repealing ObamaCareTax in full?
2. Will you commit to balancing the budget in five years or less without raising taxes and stick to those spending levels until the budget is balanced?

Even if their answers aren’t the answers you want to hear, it is important we get them on record so that we can use it to help hold them accountable in the future.

So, how do you get started?
• Find out public appearances by your Senators, Representatives, and Candidates will be.
• Enter the event here.
• Browse public appearances here.
• Go get them on record, on video, answering our questions.
• Upload your video to YouTube.
• Submit your video here.

Once all of the videos have been submitted we will use them to create a scorecard so that they can easily be held accountable in the future. Thanks for all of your help in this. The Tea Party movement would be nothing without tireless, vigilant patriots like you!

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