When Obamacare was being debated in Congress three years ago, one of the criticisms that Tea Party Patriots and other organizations made was that the bill lacked proper safeguards to ensure that illegal immigrants would not have access to Obamacare’s health care programs, including the expanded Medicaid program and the state exchanges.  We were promised, repeatedly – by Members of Congress and even President Obama himself –  that illegal immigrants would NOT be able to access these benefits.  Today, because of the Senate’s proposed amnesty bill, millions of illegal immigrants could soon be eligible to gain access to Obamacare.

The Senate is currently debating an amnesty bill that would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, fast-tracking them to qualify for Obamacare, at a significant cost to the American taxpayer.

Sign your name to our petition today and make your voice heard!  The Senate needs to understand that we demand a more transparent and open discussion about this amnesty bill.  The cost to the American taxpayer must be fully understood before Congress takes any further action on this bill.

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