What is a Letter to the Editor?

A letter to the editor is written to the Editor of a newspaper. Published letters are usually found in the first section of the newspaper or on the editorial page.

Writing them is a great way for activists to do the following:

  1. Express an opinion about current issues or events;
  2. Reach a broader audience than you normally would have;
  3. Hold your local journalists accountable;
  4. Present alternative views on political issues.

Click here to read the Tea Party Patriots Letter-writing Guide

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Guidelines for Getting a Letter to the editor Published

Most newspapers have specific publication requirements to follow, but here are some general guidelines that will help get your letter to the editor published:

  • Include your name and address and a telephone number where you can be reached.
  • Be respectful and courteous, even when disagreeing with the Editorial Board about a specific issue.
  • Be specific. If you are opposed to Obamacare, mention the specific reasons why. Provide examples.
  • Cite your sources. If you include any quoted material, be sure to correctly cite your source or attribute the quote.
  • Use proper grammar. Spellcheck your letter.
  • Be concise. Letters are much more likely to be published if they are between 150-200 words.

Did you get your letter published?